Around the world in 80 days…

I recently heard someone say: “Time is a choice…” Many people would say that time is too precious to spend it on taking part in a six-week New Year Challenge – not us at Mirna’s. Many people would say that time is too scarce to waste it on dressing up for a “Countries of the world” Challenge event – not us at Mirna’s!

On Wednesday evening we hosted our 23 rd Fitness Challenge prize giving ceremony, and wow, this “Around the world in 80 days” themed event was one I will never forget. We had the wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to all 46 Challenge members who managed to complete our New Year Challenge successfully, and I had the chance to thank each member who has made exercise, our studio, personal goals, and commitment a priority during this crazy, busy first term of 2023.

Unfortunately, quite a few of our members were unable to attend, seeing that we had to host our function in the middle of the week, because of the long weekend and school functions. But it was still a memorable evening, with lots of laughter, applause, jokes, and appreciation, and more than ever my heart is filled with an immense sense of pride and gratitude – I have the best team of instructors in the whole wide world (thank you Jacqueline and Michelle), I have the most beautiful studio on the face of the earth, and I have a tribe of people who are all so much more than simply members of a fitness club. We share an unmistakable passion for fitness, music, and movement, and all of us call Mirna’s Aerobic Studio our happy place.

Congratulations to our top 3 contestants: Izelde Zwarts, Tanya Eksteen and Stella Kalp.

Our best-dressed members were Bernadene Smit, Rita Kemp, Naslia Davids and Duduzile Nkosi, but as you can see, as always, our instructors were also dressed to kill!

The following members received special awards:

Rethia Naudé (Weight-loss and best progress since November 2022), Tanya Eksteen and Stella Kalp (recognition for body fat loss and muscle tone improvement), Susan Ndlamlenze (Visceral fat
improvement and most sessions done), Helen Lengenhager (2nd  most sessions completed).
Elite athletes (members with body fat under 20%) so far, in 2023, are Jacqueline Sturgiss, Michelle Jansen van Rensburg, Izelde Zwarts, Gosia Snyman, Stella Kalp, and Quinita Stoltz (absent).

We are ALWAYS especially ecstatic when our members manage to reach their personal best body stats. Congratulations to Susan Ndlamlenze, Izelde Zwarts, Tanya Eksteen, Merisha Naidoo, Talita Stapelberg, Rita Kemp and Gerda van Zyl who all managed to accomplish exactly that!

Other special awards of the evening were:

Martha Ngweya (Newcomer of the year), Ntokozo Gwamanda (Challenge newcomer of the year), Naslia Davids (Miss Personality), Liezel Nel (Survivor award), Carina van der Merwe (best transformation in photos), Martie Badenhorst (Special recognition for joining the Challenge on Zoom all the way from Australia), Rita Kemp (Oldest Challenge member and still improving body stats), Carien Naudé (Strongest finish), Stacey du Toit (most Challenges).

As always, mental alertness played its part in our Challenge, and members who managed to score all possible points were Gosia Snyman, Leonie Prinsloo, Martie Badenhorst, Naslia Davids, Riana Jacob, Stacey du Toit, and Tanya Eksteen.  Participants who earned 22 or more social media points (for sharing and tagging our studio’s very active social media profile) received gift bags, and they were all in a
lucky draw of R500. Congratulations to Leonie Prinsloo, our winner.

Members who managed to complete four or more workouts per week were also in an exciting lucky draw – congratulations to Amanda van der Merwe, Gerda van Zyl, Merisha Naidoo, Naslia Davids, and Tanya Eksteen, the lucky winners.

A huge and special thank you to Odette from Party Fusion, our party planner, for adding splendour to our evening, as always, Nicci from DP Signs for the meticulous certificates, Susan from Zoe laser cutting for the beautiful trophy and medals, Schalk from ProBag, Amanda from Manna en Kwartels for the stunning décor and gifts, Adele Smith for mind-blowing photos, Melinda from Footworx for the buffs
for our goody bags, Rethia Naudé for sponsoring Truvision products, and Mari from Inkbox for designing everything, from our amazing posters and CD covers to our weekly schedule.

…To every non-member who takes pleasure in reading my weekly Blog, thank you.

To every member who makes time to exercise week in and week out, thank you. To every participant of our Challenges, whether it’s your first or 23rd  , who remains excited about every themed event or class, and who rises to the occasion every single time I have a crazy idea, thank you so, so much.

More than ever, I know, that the American motivational writer, William Arthur Ward, was spot-on when he said: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Yours in fitness

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PS: Our 13-week Winter Challenge starts Monday 15 May! Watch this space!

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  1. N davids says:

    And a special Thank you to our couch motivational speaker my personal best cheerleader ❤️ from me to u a hearty thank you . . I see the same discipline and love for their “work ” in Jacqueline and Michelle and I thank you too

    • Mirna says:

      Thank you Naslia