And the Oscar goes to…

Wow! Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that I would get the opportunity to say this famous line, on stage, holding an Oscar statuette in my hand! Oh yes, for the first time ever in history, the infamous Academy Awards was hosted in Ermelo!

It was our end-of-the-year function on Thusday 24 November, and with the help of Odette and Amanda, our studio was transformed into the Los Angeles Dolby theatre, complete with red carpet, Hollywood Walk of fame stars, magical music from the movies, and even a performance of “My way” and “New York, New York” by Michael Bublé (alias Schalk Zastron).

The members of the Studio honored Mirna with her very own Oscar statuette and surprised her with a video celebrating her birthday (27 Nov). Whatch it here…

For the very first time since lockdown, more than 80 people attended our function, and rose to the occasion all dressed up in formal evening gowns. It was a spectacular event as we paid tribute to our members, Zoom members, and Challenge members, and everyone was in agreement that this was by far the best function we have ever hosted. It was a celebration of life, a celebration of a great 2022, and a celebration of every member who has been part of Mirna’s Aerobic Studio this year.

Here are all the special awards of the evening:

Year Challenge winners: Merisha Naidoo(1 st), Chané Rothman (2 nd), Benice de Wet (3 rd) and Annecke Fourie (4 th).
Summer Challenge winners: Chané Rothman (1 st ), Jacqueline Sturgiss (2 nd) and Gosia Snyman (3 rd).
Member of the year 2022: Chané Rothman
Recognition for weight-loss 2022: Susan Ndlamlenze

Elite athletes 2022 (Body fat under 20%): Chané Rothman (Most kg’s lost), Gosia Snyman (Biggest drop in fat percentage), Izelde Zwarts, Jacqueline Sturgiss (Muscle tone award), Marieta Ziervogel, Michelle Jansen van Rensburg, Quinita Stoltz.

Members who managed to reach their personal best body stats after 3 or more Challenges: Rita Kemp (Oldest Challenge member), Berdine Meyer (Zoom member of the year), Merisha Naidoo (Biggest drop in Visceral fat), Marinda Rautenbach, Annecke Fourie, Izelde Zwarts (Best improvement from end of Winter to start of Summer Challege and special recognition for Cardio Fun), Martie Badenhorst, Michelle Jansen van Rensburg (Special recognition for Bootybarre), Jacqueline Sturgiss (Special recognition for Rhythm Pilates).

Members with extreme improvement in body stats Summer Challenge: Marieta Ziervogel, Lady B Maseko, Michelle Odendaal, Benice de Wet, Naslia Davids (Chirpy Challenge Chick and Progress in Pilates), Tanya Eksteen (Progress in Rebounding), Stacey du Toit (Most Challenges completed – 22), Hannelie Slabber (Progress in Power Pump), Susan Ndlamlenze (Progress in Step), Gosia Snyman,
Helen Lengenhager, Chané Rothman (Special recognition for Power Pump)

Members with improved body stats after Summer Challenge 2022: Betsie Marais, Victoria Manoel, Amanda van der Merwe, Talita Stapelberg (Progress in Bootybarre), Rina Clifford (Stepping out of Comfort Zone award), Melinda du Plessis, Lizelle Botha (Special recognition for Step)

Completing 90 sessions or more: Susan Ndlamlenze (89), Gosia Snyman (92), Martie Badenhorst (93), Helen Lengenhager (94), Michelle Jansen van Rensburg (99), Chané Rothman (130), Jacqueline Sturgiss (134)

Scoring all possible extra points in all departments: Chané Rothman and Melinda du Plessis.

Best dressed members: Victria Manoel, Benice de Wet, Annebie Venter and Merisha Naidoo.

Other awards:

Liezel Nel (5 am award), Helen Lengenhager (Social media lucky draw winner of R500), Jacqueline Sturgiss (Winner of Sweatgear lucky draw), Week 9 lucky draw winner (Busisiwe Xaba), Celeste van Sittert (Challenge newcomer of the year), Wanda du Plessis (Newcomer of the year), Maryka Blom (Progress in Cardio Fun), Carien Naude (Most enthusiasm), Fianca Basson (Survivor award), Annebie Venter (Lone wolf award), Elsa Kuhn and Elsa Nursey (Oldest members), Elsabé Rothman and Madeleen Roux (Accountability recognition), Linda Labuschagne and Gerts Kuhn (out of town Zoom members attending function), Betsie Vermeulen (lucky draw). 

A huge thank you to our sponsors of Summer Challenge 2022:

Hannes Zwarts Oogkundiges, Sweatgear, Amanda from Manna en Kwartels, Melinda from Footworx, Susan from Zoe Laser Cutting, Benice from Nail Design by Benice, Sonnet from Mizpah Beauty, Schalk from Probag, Else-Marie Skoonheidsalon, Morné Kemp from Profire, Natie and Carol from Burlec and Rethia from Truvision. A special thank you to Gosia and Ermelo East for the tables and chairs, Odette from
Partyfusion, Amanda from Manna en Kwartels, Mari from Inkbox for the Oscar trophies and certificates, and the design of simply everything we present, Nicci from DP Signs for the printwork, Anton Esterhuizen for managing the sound, Schalk Zastron for his fantastic vocal performance, Adele Smith for the outstanding pictures, and Selme-Louise and Janeske for being awesome waiters at our function.
I am so proud of every single member who received a cd, certificate, special prize, Oscar award, medal, and trophy.

But, I am just as proud of every member who simply keeps on showing up – because exercising regularly is not about getting recognition – we do it because it’s a privilege, it makes us better, healthier, stronger and more beautiful, it empowers us, it gives us mental, physical and emotional energy, it makes our kids proud, and it makes US proud.

Competing in a fitness Challenge is not about being better than anybody else, it’s about striving to become the best version of yourself, regardless of your shape and size, regardless of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

Every single day I see women crossing the threshold of what they once thought of as impossible. I see them put aside their preconceived ideas that “fitness wasn’t for them”, and proudly watch them conquer their own Everests.

And that’s why we exercise – because when our bodies are functioning at its best, we can show up better for this world. As Bill Bowerman, the founder of Nike once said: “If you HAVE a body, you ARE an athlete!”

Yours in fitness
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