On three occasions a year I can`t contain my excitement.  That`s when we host our Challenge Prize giving ceremonies, and you know what`s the nicest part?  Writing my Blog afterwards about those eventful evenings.

Our New Year Challenge of nine weeks ended on Friday the 9th, and last Thursday we saluted and rewarded all our successful participants.  This was our 17th Fitness Challenge, and of the initial 65 that entered, 52 managed to complete their journeys in style.

Seeing that we have done it so many times, I knew we needed to shake things up a little, and this time our Challenge members faced nine mini-Challenges within their conquest of reaching 36 sessions.  Each week they were presented with a Challenge, either in the studio, on Zoom or in the comfort of their homes, and their response was incredible.

Once again, these women have shown that we CAN reshape ourselves.  We CAN change our beliefs about ourselves and we CAN create new habits.  Carol S Dweck, a renowned psychologist found two types of people through her research over the years:  Those with a “fixed mindset,” who didn’t believe their abilities were capable of changing, and those with a “growth mindset,” who believed their abilities could be developed.

I am so proud to say that our New Year Challenge members fall under the last category, for they have proved time and again that when you BELIEVE you can change HOW you show up, then successfully improving and growing IS possible.

And it all started with embracing the Challenge.  Week after week I was struck by their enthusiasm and positive energy, as if they all yelled in silence: “We`re ready for anything you’ve got!”  And that was mind-blowing!

…When I reflect on the past year it`s almost unthinkable that a year ago I didn`t even know what Zoom was – and here we are today, with a booming YouTube Channel, a popular Instagram account and with fitness friends joining us online from all over the world.

Eva Werschel all the way from Salzburg:

So, here they are.  All the prize winners of our New Year Challenge 2021:

Our overall winner:

Lilian Maree (A proud Zoom participant)

2nd prize, 3rd prize and special recognition:

Carien Bester (left), Rethia Naudé (right) and Futhi Mohale (second from right)

Our three top participants each were awarded prizes worth R1600, including free membership, Sweatgear pants, Mirna`s active wear and much more.  Futhi received a gift bag worth R650.


Weight loss – first prize:  Liezel Nel (-7,1 kg) 

Weight loss – 2nd prize:  Tracey Prinsloo  (-4,9 kg)

Weightloss winners: Liezel Nel (left) and Tracey Prinsloo (right)

Fat loss award 1st prize:  Futhi Mohale (-5,2%)

Fat loss award: 2nd prize:  Rethia Naudé (-4%) 

Fat loss winners: Futhi Mohale (left) and Rethia Naudé (right)

Each of the above four girls received a R200 voucher, a meal guide from Mariné, our nutrition coach, worth R300 and two free months free nutrition coaching worth R600 each.


(They received a Mirna`s towel or headband worth R80)

21/21 POINTS:

  • Carien Bester
  • Leonie Prinsloo
  • Liezel Nel
  • Lilian Maree
  • Riana Jacob
  • Rethia Naudé

20/21 POINTS:

  • Annebie Venter
  • Gosia Snyman
  • Hannelie Slabber
  • Izelde Zwarts
  • Marie Jonker
  • Stacey du Toit  (Stacey also received recognition for competing in all 17 Challenges)

Members with a body fat percentage of under 20% at the end of the Challenge:

  • Annebie Venter
  • Izelde Zwarts
  • Lilian Maree
  • Carien Bester

  • Strongest finish:  Mariaan van Rooyen   
  • Newcomer of the year:  Denise Mulder 
  • Miss Personality:  Izelde Zwarts 
  • Oldest Challenge member:  Rita Kemp 
  • Lone Wolf:  Nokwazi Hadebe
  • Survivor award:  Lizelle Botha
  • Survivor award:  Merisha Naidoo
  • Challenge newcomer:  Tracey Prinsloo
  • Challenge newcomer:  Busisiwe Xaba 
  • Most inspiring Seal Puppy video:  Riana Jacob
  • Most inspiring out-of-comfort zone salsa home video:  Marie Jonker (Members who couldn’t attend the Saturday Cardio fun mini-Challenge had to present a Salsa dance Challenge which was sent to them before the Saturday)
  • Most entertaining Mini-Challenge video: Ina van der Linde (jammer Ina ek moes net)

  • Queen of classes – 2nd most sessions:  Futhi Mohale  114 sessions
  • Queen of classes – most sessions done:  Leonie Prinsloo 165 sessions
  • Best improvement in before and after photos:  Juanita Dedekind
  • Best improvement in muscle tone:  Carien Bester
  • Best improvement from end of Summer Shred Challenge to beginning of New Year Challenge:  Corné Kemp  (lost 3,6 kg) and 10kg in one year.

Izelde Faf de Klerk Zwarts, Zenta Wentzel, Mirna, Merisha Naidoo and Mariaan van Rooyen


16/16 POINTS: 

Thanks to your shares and comments on Facebook, the world is taking notice of us. They each received a specially made Mirna`s coffee mug

  • Berdine Meyer
  • Carien Bester
  • Corné Kemp
  • Futhi Mohale
  • Gosia Snyman
  • Ina van der Linde
  • Liezel Nel
  • Leonie Prinsloo
  • Lilian Maree
  • Lizelle Botha
  • Martie Badenhorst
  • Riana Jacob
  • Vickie Potgieter

15/16 POINTS:

  • Izelde Zwarts
  • Mari Kruger
  • Marinda Rautenbach
  • Melinda du Plessis
  • Merisha Naidoo
  • Stacey du Toit

Congratulations to Michelle Odendaal, the winner of the Social media lucky draw of R500  (All members with 12 or more shares were in the draw)

Lucky draw members in the studio were:

And a special congratulations to Berdine Meyer, on Zoom, the winner of a free month.

I think it`s photos like this one that captures my mood on evenings like this – there aren`t many opportunities to let our hair down a little, to not take ourselves too seriously, and to have fun with people we adore.

A huge thank you to Erika Nel, our photographer, who always manages to capture the soul of our events.  Thank you to Odette, my fantastic party planner, for portraying the Proudly South African theme so brilliantly and elegantly. Thank you to Schalk for the champagne and for his tremendous support, thank you to Mariné, our nutrition coach and my daughter of whom I`m proud beyond measure, and to Eswee, my loving son for his open-mindedness, love and advice. 

Thank you to Edrei and Sarita for their amazing classes, to Dedré, who`s with us in her heart.  And special thank you`s to Nicci from TuisBes and Mari Kruger, who designed everything from the mug to the CD sticker and certificates, and who made sure that all our Zoom members received their certificates and Playlists via e-mail on Thursday evening.

Thank you to our sponsors: Sweatgear, Vickie Potgieter from Justine, Sonnet from Mizpah Beauty, Gerda Swanepoel from Ouma Rooi koeksisters and Carol and Natie from Burlec.

On this beautiful Sunday in April my heart is filled with gratitude.  I know that I have probably worked harder than most people in the past year, but I know it was worth every single second.

Thank you to every Challenge member – for being brave enough to enter, for your willingness to put yourself on the line, for trusting me and for showing up with a smile, every day.

Melody Beattie, a well-known self-help American author recently said: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough.’  (isn’t it beautiful?)

She says: “Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”

Do you know what a privilege it is to know that my members are not members, they have all become friends. 

Our legendary Winter Challenge of 12 weeks starts 10 May, and remember, the early bird fee of R320 is only valid till the 20th!  If you are interested, WhatsApp me!

Yours in fitness


082 779 0507


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  1. Futhu says:

    Thank you so much for the great experience I had with my first challenge! I would also like to thank you for making our 2nd home the studio as comfortable as possible. It still shocks me to this day that you know each and everyone of your members by name!

    • Mirna says:

      You can be so proud of how far you have come, Futhi. I am just as proud to have you as a member/fitness griend!