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I just know that lockdown has been a Lazarus key to all of us – it has changed us forever, for the better.  And above all, it has given us a brand-new appreciation for life and all the little things.  Suddenly I feel this sparkle in my eyes again, a lightness and joy I didn`t realize were missing until I could feel it reappearing. 
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If I had succumbed to my fear of teaching Zoom workout sessions and backed down after those first two weeks struggling with all the technical difficulties that came with online teaching, I would not have the opportunity to share this Blog today.
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We learned about honesty and integrity from a very young age – that the truth matters.  That you don`t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules.  And that success doesn`t count unless you earn it fair and square…
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Skaars mense…

Ek dink ek verstaan vandag beter waarom my ma ons drie dogtertjies destyds in die kar geboender het al die pad na Vanderbijlpark se oudiologie hospitaal vir `n oortoets.  “Want dit klink nie of julle ore het nie”, het sy oppad gesê.
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